BLM is Not a Political Debate

If you’ve ever thought about the Black Lives Matter Movement as “Liberal” or “Leftist” propaganda or in any other similar fashion, you are a racist. Point blank. Period. No if’s or but’s about it. 

Is it changing the political game? For sure. It’s shifting the way people view environmental and economic issues, too. 

But honestly, when did asking for basic human rights become a thing of politics? Because that’s what the movement is about. What’s so hard to understand about Black lives mattering? And “matter” is the absolute minimum. But not everyone is ready for that conversation, so for now we’ll take it one step at a time. 

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Claiming that BLM is a political statement is not only racist, but a ridiculous notion to begin with. It’s the same way wearing masks out in public and pro-choice versus pro-life has become politicized. All of these things have something in common: life and death. What is so political about covering your nose and mouth to protect people from getting sick and potentially dying from a terrifying global pandemic? Why are we “democratic pigs” for worrying about the safety of others? What is so political about preventing a pregnancy for any amount of reasons (victims of rape or incest, rare birth defects, pregnancies can be life-threatening to some mothers and sometimes women simply aren’t ready for a child yet)? What is so political about wanting to live life equally and with the same rights as you and I? About walking down the street without fear due to the color of their skin? About calling the police without being afraid of being misidentified or losing their life?

Why did life and death become political? Why is BLM a debate? Why is keeping children in cages a debate? Why are we arguing about these things? I need to know.

I got a little off-topic with this one. But I am tired. And I’m not the one dealing with these injustices.

BLM is so much more than I think people know. The world is changing, and I hope it’s for the better. But the movement won’t end when Black people can live without fear.

ICE, we’re coming for you next.

Published by Julia Janiszewski

student photojournalist with a newfound passion for documentary filmmaking

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